For the girl who is in a relationship with her passport πŸ˜‰



I am an NBA sideline reporter for the Utah Jazz, which means, I am embedded with the team for 6 months covering all 82 regular season games. If you don’t enjoy life on the road then you won’t survive. If you aren’t comfortable being alone and the only female, then you won’t succeed. Itβ€˜s long days, long nights and a long time away from friends and family. 

I  have become an expert at being single, being solo, and of course, being able to pack in 10 minutes πŸ˜†


Before the NBA, I filmed a documentary in Tanzania Africa. I spent time living in local villages. I was alone for a period of time in Africa when I contracted severe malaria and had to rely on myself to fight for survival. 

From traveling alone to Africa, Russia, Cambodia, I have a variety of travel experiences to share. 

Life has tested me in may ways.


The sudden unexpected loss of my father propelled me to move across the country alone and pursue my passion for storytelling.

I only know how to exist in a world that challenges me and forces me outside my comfort zone. It’s through these moments that I learn, grow and feel alive. 

Orkun, Kristen Kenney aka ”kkβ€œ